Since age 7, I always wanted to be a TV cameraman. Then in the early 70’s I bought my first 35mm camera, and 8mm film camera. I took a lot of pictures and read lots of books on photography then started doing weddings. 

     In 1979 started a Video Production Company, Beta then VHS. Went to college for TV production, sold the sailboat so we could buy a second camera in order to produce high quality Weddings, Corporate, Bands, Dance Company’s, and Broadcast professional videos for the next 20 years. Gained a great reputation working with some great people in the industry. In 2000 I took a brake, switched back to photography as video equipment was just too expensive everything was going digital. Then 9/11 happed and a Realization to enjoy life at the fullest, became my objective. I bought another sailboat, obtained my captains license, and several cameras. With recommendation from clients and friends, I produced pictures for calendars, magazines, websites and charity auctions. So now in the retirement phase of my life making pictures available to everyone has been my goal. With the latest drone camera technology providing greater possibilities to capture wonderful and inspiring photography. As you can see I truly love Life, Sailing and Photography, and all my wonderful Family, and Friends I'v meet along this Journey God has given me. Hope you truly enjoy!


    Paul Edelkamp